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A detective adventure with elements of a visual novel.

The game tells the story of Jake Hunter, went to New York to find out the details of the death of his grandfather. New chapter in the series "Detective Jinji Saburo"!

That was a month ago.
Someone killed Saburoa??s grandfather Kyosuke when he lived in New York.

Saburo goes to New York to sort out the things and memories his grandfather left behind. However, nostalgia for the cityscape and meetings with old friends is fleeting ..

Soon he discovers that the last word of his grandfather was "Daedalus".
What does it mean? Why was my grandfather killed?
"Remember Saburo: take care of the garden of your mind."

Kyosukea??s words and teachings about the art of thinking are just distant memories.
Yet young Jinji Saburo, alone in this world, takes responsibility for himself and for his late grandfather.

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