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Luigi’s Mansion 3’s second multiplayer DLC pack has arrived, adding a host of additional features to the ScareScraper and ScreamPark game modes while tossing in a handful of new costumes for Luigi to wear while going head-to-head with friends online. Nintendo and Next Level Games’ delightfully spooky romp through a haunted hotel has quickly become one of the best-selling games on the Switch, and DLC Pack 2 gives even more incentive for players to try it’s charming multiplayer suite after they finish the main adventure.

This second wave of content includes three more mini-games for the title’s ScreamPark multiplayer mode, which is essentially Luigi’s own ghost-themed version of the Mario Party series. These three new additions are all distinctly unique and bring even more variety to an already enjoyable and surprisingly robust multiplayer experience, making the ScreamPark a great option for those looking for a different multiplayer experience with family and friends.

To install everything here, [url=https://www.switch-torrents.com/details/15/]install the base v0[/url], then the [url=https://www.switch-torrents.com/details/589/]1.4.0 update[/url], then DLC 1 & 2. Base, update, DLC.

:! Instructions

You have to install the DLCs sequentially and load the game in between.
So it's base, update, DLC 1, load game and DLC pack, close and install DLC 2.
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