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Full Game + Crash Fix

Here’s your chance to try out the latest game taking the Mushroom Kingdom by storm—Strike! Join the fray in this 5-on-5, soccer-like sport online* during this limited time demo** with a Nintendo Switch Online membership. During the active online periods, play Versus Everyone or Join Friends to get gritty and try to score the most goals by tackling enemies and pulling off score-boosting Hyper Strikes. Training mode will be available for the duration of the demo, so you can get some practice in before you hop online.

Online play will be available during the following dates and times.

Friday, June 3
8:00-9:00pm PT

Saturday, June 4
4:00-5:00am PT
12:00-1:00pm PT
8:00-9:00pm PT

Sunday, June 5
4:00-5:00am PT
12:00-1:00pm PT

Get those kicking feet moving and check out the full Mario Strikers™: Battle League game when it launches June 10.
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