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Gather all your friends and take them on a journey to save their endangered planet!
Take their hand as you find them and form a conga line to be sure not to leave anyone behind but be careful: the longer the line, the harder to control!
On the other hand (haha!), certain obstacles are easier to overcome when you have friends on your side.

Unique group platforming:
Control not one, not two, but a whole bunch of wacky friends… all at the same time!

Different friends, different abilities:
On your journey you encounter different kinds of friends: each of them has unique abilities to help you throughout your quest.

Derpy puzzles:
Use your friends' different abilities to overcome challenges and swing past obstacles.

Couch co-op:
Invite some (real-life) friends to join you anytime!

Dynamic music:
A carefully crafted, multi-layered soundtrack that evolves as your conga line gets longer.

Cuteness overload:
Lovely animated characters to cheer you up while saving the world.

Beautiful alien landscapes:
Explore colorful and lively worlds as you travel through space to look out for your friends.

Friendship included!
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