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Set sail and join the colonial powers of Spain, England, France and the Netherlands in their fight for supremacy of the Caribbean in the 17th century.

In �Port Royale 4� you will take control of a colony as a young and ambitious governor who is eager to learn what it takes to manage and grow his small settlement into a bustling trader city.

� Choose from four colonial powerhouses: England, France, Spain and the Netherlands, each providing different benefits and unique gameplay style
� Appoint a leader for your adventure from four different character classes: the Explorer, the Merchant, the Buccaneer and the Pirate � each providing their own advantages and disadvantages
� Take on four extensive single player campaigns following each nation on their path to supremacy.
� Establish and manage trade with 60 Caribbean cities in a huge 3D game world. Steer clear of cliffs, shallow waters and stormy weather regions to optimize your trade routes.
� Select from 50 buildings, including 25 production sites, to produce goods like rum or luxuries.
� Construct town buildings with neighborhood effects to optimize productivity and manage the overall happiness of your citizens.
� 18 historically authentic ship types from the late 16th and 17th centuries
� Engage in tactical, turn-based naval battles with powerful captains.
� Licenses, building permits, new buildings and ships can be unlocked by growing your reputation within your nation.
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