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description Eagle Island [010037400C7DA000]+[v2.0.1.1](patched).xci
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Join Quill & his owl companion Koji as they uncover the secrets of Eagle Island! Brave scorching deserts, lost tombs, sub-zero mountain tops, & lush jungles as the duo tracks down the Guardian Eagle Armaura in order to save their friend!

With its falconry-inspired game play & uniquely generated worlds, Eagle Island is set to a beautifully modernized pixel art aesthetic and provides a breath of fresh air to roguelite platformers.

Taking inspiration from roguelites, Eagle Island can be enjoyed in a variety of ways � from short, focused speed runs to a sprawling, narrative-driven adventure.

Story Mode - uncover the mystery of the Island of Yulu while earning permanent upgrades for Quill & Koji!
Rogue Mode - test your skills in a series of 16 unlockable challenge maps - permadeath awaits!
Weekly Speedrun - a new map every week, compete and rise up the leaderboard!

-Explore a handcrafted hub world with procedurally generated dungeons
-Mix & combine 85 different perk abilities with each gameplay run
-Magical feathers imbue your owl with elemental abilities
-16 beautiful environments to explore
-12 huge boss battles
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