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• Shake the Joy-Con™ controller using the Drumstick Grip!
Swing down the Joy-Con™ to make a DON and diagonally to make a KA. HD rumble makes you feel like you're really hitting a drum!

• Featuring special characters!
They will help you with DONs and KAs, and drumrolls. Splatoon 2's Inkling and Kirby from Kirby's Dream Land will join! Let's try out new songs!

• Party Mode: Max 4 players!
Share the Joy-Con™ with up to 4 players. 20 songs, 2 difficulty levels! Prepare a controller for each player. Joy-Con™ can be used separately.

• Play YOUR way!
Compatible with TV, tabletop, and handheld modes! You can use up to 4 Nintendo Switch™ consoles to play locally! Each player needs a copy of the game.

• +70 songs! Even Super Mario Odyssey and Splatoon 2!
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