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"...an intuitive, charming, and relaxing little Nintendo Switchâ„¢ indie" - 8.5/10 (Nintendo Enthusiast)

"Tracks: Toybox Edition delivers just about everything I could have wanted with a wooden train set simulator" (DESTRUCTOID)

Tracks is a toy train set builder which gives you the tools to play without limits.
Jump into an extensive sandbox and lay down tracks, create bridges and build worlds, then hop into the driver’s seat of your train in first person view.
Play with boosters, create firework displays, compose tunes and so much more.

Jump into the Ultimate Toy Sandbox

Start with a pre-made environment, be it a modern lounge or a night time Winter wonderland, or jump into an entirely blank world canvas. Add trees and foliage from various world biomes, buildings, stations, animals, vehicles, decor and more. Customise your world further by altering terrain and fog colours. Make your train your own, selecting colours and patterns.

Build the Train Set of Your Dreams

From sprawling green countryside to desert towns, and atmospheric foggy industry sites to vibrant circus setups, countless options await you and your train set. Let your imagination thrive and build the toy train set of your dreams.
Tracks – Toybox Edition includes Tracks Sci-Fi and Tracks Suburban.
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