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It's a gold prospector's dream come true in the frozen mountains of 'Thermal', the brand new gold-filled level for Human: Fall Flat.

This Worldwide Workshop competition winning level sees players venture from snowy peaks to underground caverns in search of gold.

You and up to seven online friends can interact with massive mining machines and manipulate rising air thermals to traverse giant caves. Or you may find the soft glow of the camp fire too comforting to leave behind.

In Human: Fall Flat you play a wobbly Human hero who keeps dreaming about surreal places filled with puzzles in which he’s yet to find the exit. These puzzles have multiple solutions and will challenge your creativity. Exploration and ingenuity are key and every option is welcome!

ONLINE MULTIPLAYER MAYHEM – Fall into or create public lobbies. Enjoy the vision of 8 clumsy Humans wobbling and falling. Discover how extra hands can bring new solutions and possibilities or just create more friendly mayhem!

THE WOBBLY ART OF PARKOUR – Human can walk (kind of straight), pull, push, carry, climb, break and interact with objects! Mastering his moves will be your first amusing challenge.

LOCAL CO-OP MODE – Play with a friend, work together to achieve any task or spend an hour throwing each other about in the craziest ways possible.

CUSTOMISATION – Your Human's wardrobe has got plenty of silly suits; from princess to dog, summer tourist, astronaut, ninja... You can choose from the head, the upper and lower body or even change the colour of it. Create your Human your way.

SURREAL LANDSCAPES – Explore open-ended levels which obey the rules of physics. Interact with almost every available object in the game and go almost everywhere - like a playground of freedom.

• Full control, no scripted action
• Local solo and co-op split-screen 2 player mode
• Online multiplayer – up to 8 players
• LAN Play feature support - play together locally!
• Open-ended interactive 3D levels
• Advanced physics and innovative controls
• Customisation features from head to lower and upper body
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