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Switch Discussions
forumGames & Content
- Discuss Switch games & content
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forumConsole, Accessories & Hardware
- Console, accessory & hardware discussions
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forumExploits, Custom Firmwares & Soft Mods
- Exploits/custom firmware/software mods
12[RCM Paylo... by iMamboTree
Posted 1 year ago
forumEmulation, Homebrew & Software Projects
- Emulation / homebrew / projects
13Yuzu emula... by knight
Posted 1 year ago
forumBackup Loaders & Modchips
- Discuss backup loaders & modchips
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forumROM Hacking, Saves, Translations & Tools
- ROM hacking / saves / translations / toolz
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Site Development
forumAnnounce Tracker (Updates)
- Latest updates on tracker Announce (tracker url)
129tracker is... by TestSeedBonus
Posted 1 year ago
Official Client
forumClient Support
- Support / troubleshooting / runtime issues
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forumInstaller Updates
- Updates toward the client installer
11Installer ... by Switch-Torrents
Posted 1 year ago
forumApplication updates
- Updates toward the official client application
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forumBug reporting
- Report bugs in installer / client application
11rev2 issue... by Switch-Torrents
Posted 1 year ago
forumNSP/XCI/NSZ Discussions
- Discuss torrent file types
250Torrent Re... by Switch-Torrents
Posted 1 year ago
forumWelcome New Users
- Welcome! Why not Introduce youself?
12hey all by Switch-Torrents
Posted 1 year ago
forumSite News & Announcements
- Latest site news and announcements
12Switch-Tor... by bulldoglobley
Posted 2 years ago
forumSite Rules
- Please read before posting
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NSP Requests
forumTorrent Issues
- Category changes, fake torrent information, general information about bad torrents
11Update .to... by ged79uk
Posted 1 year ago
forumTorrent Requests
- Can't find the torrent you want? Help is here.
1234Worms, Any... by Bobkelso
Posted 7 months ago
forumSite Feature Requests
- Please POST Here!
13Delete unu... by ged79uk
Posted 1 year ago
forumGeneral Chat
- Discuss everything else under the sun
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