Official Tracker App

What is it?

Our new Official tracker client is built from the ground up, by us in a complex Visual Studio environment. We have designed the app to authenticate account, database, and instantly download our torrents from the server securely, and efficiently
… from the comfort of your Desktop!
file_download v1.3.9.3 9ffa50b5e2c1840151163136c9cc33a8 dcb29b7c9b7bc3d9c84e1cbc6d12eb22: Windows 7, 8, 10 (32/64bit) 20 Downloads

insights App Features

- Account sign in / manage
- Usage and slots tracking
- Instant “One-Click” downloading
- Live users/peers in torrent lists
- BCrypt hash verification (compatible)
- Progress meters, join peer swarms
- Auto updater on launch (green button)
- PRO-features coming soon!

construction Changelog

build In progress. Look for In-App updates!

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