App Changelog

View the build history and codebase changelog for our official client app.
  • Build v1.3.1
  • - Fixed a connection bug resulting in failure to connect to sources
  • Build v1.3.0
  • - Fixed source authentication bug. Previously, individual sources were ignored
  • - Added socket/authentication exception dialogs on source connection
  • - Fixed a selected icon issue in the sources list on selected nodes
  • - Automatically collapse source nodes greater than 15
  • - Fixed initial download method. Previously, a sub-directory was expected
  • - Pre-implemented directory download support (for next release)
  • Build v1.2.3-STABLE
  • This marks the first stable build and first release following development changes.
  • - Fixed a issue where client would syncronize files without being logged in.
  • - Fixed a issue where completion notification window ignored conditional checks.
  • - Removed initial token generation in place of new notification window.
  • - Fixed a issue where user avatars in source browse were displayed incorrectly.
  • - Improved SWT file parser with faster parsing supporting thousands of files.
  • - Updated SWT file format to group filenames with filesizes supporting any filename charactors.
  • - Other bug fixes and improvements.